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Individualized Photography Portraits

Specializing in the creation of portraits, I always strive to capture the essence and personality of my clients, whether they are children or adults. Whether you need an artistic, professional, corporate, or LinkedIn profile portrait, I am here to provide photography services tailored to your needs.


My portrait sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable and allow you to fully express yourself in front of the camera. Whether you desire a classic and elegant portrait or something more creative and artistic, I am here to bring your vision to life.


I understand the importance of having a professional image in today's world, whether it's for your career, your business, or your online presence. That's why I prioritize creating high-quality portraits that will help you stand out.


Feel free to contact me to schedule your portrait session today.



- Creative or Professional Portraits

  • (for use on flyers, LinkedIn, Instagram)

  • 1 digital photograph


Life Snapshots: From Childhood to Art, Through the Lens of a Passionate Photographer

I cherish the memories of my father creating a makeshift darkroom in a small corner of our home. He developed his film negatives there, and I was fascinated to see shapes and faces emerge in the final rinse bath. One Christmas, he gave me a single-use camera, and I began documenting my childhood life...

For my 17th birthday, I asked for my first film camera (which I own still !). Sometimes, I would follow strangers in the streets and photograph their journeys through the city. It was during my art studies that I discovered the work of Sophie Calle, what an emotional experience!

Always, it's the human element that captivates me the most, and I have a deep passion for photographing people, whether they're children or adults. Alongside my brand *les zigouis*, I had the pleasure of working for other fashion designers or creatives, as well as for magazines as a photographer or artistic director.

- Children / Couples / Family Portraits

  • 5 digital photographs

295 €

If you wish for me to assist you with your visual identity, logo design, packaging, please don't hesitate to contact me. I work with talented professionals: web designers, web developers, graphic designers.

Some examples

Portrait series crafted by me using AI (Artificial Intelligence) + Photoshop. 2024

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