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Barbara Berrada
Art Direction, Styling, and Photography.

A graduate of the Duperré School in Paris, I have worked for Lacoste Shirt as well as for Parisian style agencies. In 2009, I founded my brand of ethical and sustainable children's clothing, *Les Zigouis*, directly inspired by the 1950s/60s/70s, featuring timeless fashion outside of trends.

My clothes are 100% made in France, in our atelier in Rouen.


LES ZIGOUIS: Since the very beginning, all our products have been handmade, "for you by us", made on request (to minimize waste and excess inventory).

In 2014, the brand has 15 international retailers, and we produce up to 600 pieces in a season. I create 4 collections per year.

In 2015, numerous copies of our creations circulate, especially in South Korea.

I decide to work exclusively in BtoC. My brand is only sold on my e-shop.

In 2016, I began developing a collection of clothing and accessories for dolls, inspired by my children's collections.

In addition to *Les Zigouis*, I collaborate with other fashion brands and magazines as a photographer and artistic director. I have been passionate about the art of portrait photography for individuals for about fifteen years.

I published a book with Eyrolles editions in 2019 titled "Mon petit vestiaire RETRO-CHIC".

I then had the opportunity to explore teaching through a position as a teacher of applied arts. It was at this point that I decided to refocus my professional life around sharing, creativity, and meaningful connections. Driven by the desire to share my expertise with other entrepreneurs, I aim to assist them in developing their projects and expanding their businesses, products, and brands.

Since 2022, I have also been practicing ceramics and selling a curated selection in my boutique.


I cherish spending time with my children and friends above all else; sharing, nature, the sea, learning, painting, drawing, cooking, renovating houses, laughing and crying, visiting museums, sitting in a café terrace, taking a walk in the forest with my dog, a dried flower, a leaf, a withered bouquet, old photographs — everything inspires me.


My inspirations :


Fashion Editorial for PAPIER MACHE Magazine (Australia) "WE ARE BIRDS" Photography / Styling / Graphic Design 2012

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